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There are many other things which need to be analyzed in both the horoscopes. The horoscopes will be analyzed in detail to see the compatibility. This chart determines the position of various planets, signs, Sun and the Moon, astrological aspects and other significant information when a child is born. A skilled astrologer often prepares a Kundali. He determines local time and place of the birth to calculate the rising and ascending stars of the native. How Kundli Software work? A Kundli is divided into 12 houses with other planets and signs. The first house starts with the Ascendant and rest of the houses are numbered in an anti-clockwise direction. These houses have a definite position for a person.

Match Making

Since ages, Astrology is helping people with this calculative method to predict the duo’s relation for rest of their life. Kundli Matching or Kundali Milan is basically Horoscope matching of two individuals, which decides the level of compatibility between the duo. These 8 factors are categorized into matching points of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 respectively.

The individuals should obtain good marks in each factor to be considered as compatible. For example, Varna is of 1 point, if both of them have compatible Varna, obtained marks will be 1.

Yes, Nadi dosha is present in the compatibility but only Nadi Dosha does not decide the whole (Mental, physical and sexual) compatibilities. Except Nadi Dosha both of your birth charts match well. Moreover you both have earned 23 points instead of 36, which is very good as per Vedic Astrology.

It assists in further enhancing the compatibility with your co-worker and also your communication skills. If you are running a business then you always want it to flourish and to get a new high. Vedic Astrology tells you about the right time you have to start a venture so that your business will get an ultimate success. Our accurate suggestions and predictions will help your business grow constantly. Astrology has a vital role in keeping your marriage problems at bay.

This section provides detailed compatability report as per the gunas system. You can also consult us for other love partnership and frienship issues you are going through. So, what are you waiting for?

Love Match Compatibility

Problem solving with making of Prashna Kundali by Dr. Arvind Kr Shukla By Dr. Arvind Kumar Shukla Prashna Kundali is a unique question-answer based astrology system where the timing, place of the question asked helps in generating the Kundali. After which, the negative and positive combination and impact of the same are judged.

Jun 25,  · Nadi dosha in Kundli Matching Posted on June 25, June 25, Guna Milan or Kundli milan is an Indian system based upon which pundits find the compatibility between the boy and girl who are thinking of getting married.

Nadi Dosh Nadi Dosh Nadi is one of the eight Ashta that are used to calculate your compatibility with your partner. Total of 36 points are there out of which Nadi has maximum points i. Now if there is any conflict between the nadi of two persons then they said to suffer from nadi dosha as per nadi astrology. If there exists nadi dosha in kundali then most of the astrologers will say direct no to that marriage because the next generation will be weaker or there will be chances of not having the kids at all.

But according to some other astrologers the nadi dosha is not that important as to check whether the couple will have strong kids also depends upon other factors like position in the fifth house and so on. To reduce the impact of nadi dosha one can go for many nadi dosha remedies and nadi dosha cancellations.

So before marriage it is important to check the nadi astrology for any nadi dosha, nadi dosha remedies and nadi dosha cancellation. Famous astrologer Deepak Bhargav is well known personality in this field. Many people look up him for guidance and receive his suggestions to improve their lives.


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Madhya Nadi dosha is the strongest Nadi dosha and therefore marriage should only be considered if Nadi dosha gets cancelled. The Grahmaitri score is also weak. You should get complete horoscope matching done before marriage.

Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen. Why Nadi Dosha is so critical? What will happen if you have Nadi Dosha? What can you do if Nadi Dosha exist in your horoscope? If you have Vaat element more than it should be, you should not eat the foods related to Vaat. If you will still not avoid as a result you could have problem related to Vaat which is High Uric Acid, Gout etc.

How to Match Kundali on your Own

The reports that aksganesha. I am glad I got to know about this website as it helped me a lot. By Tanmay Saini, Engineer, USA I am writing this comment to make sure that from now on, you do not spend any money on useless pundits or baba.

Home Predictions Astrology Naadi Dosha And Matchmaking Ganesha Reveals The Connection Naadi Dosha and match-making- Ganesha reveals the connection. During the process of match-making, it is important to check the Naadi. Basically, there are 3 Naadis: Aadya, Madhya & Antya. -This Nadi has Cough dosha. If both the partners have this.

Total 36 This is a frequently asked question by the students of astrology as to why Varna has been allotted only 1 point or guna while Nadi has 8 points or gunas? There is no clear cut and satisfactory answer to it as there is no mention and explanation regarding this in any astrological classics or text. But it is certain that there is mention and explanation of total 36 gunas and allotment of gunas to each of the eight components of Ashtakoota in scriptures.

It is suggested that if there is minimum matching of 18 gunas in the horoscopes of a boy and a girl, it is go ahead for marriage. Higher the number of guna matching, higher will be the compatibility and mutual understanding. But it is ideal to have at least 21 gunas out of 36 if there is no similarity in their Ganas, Bhakoots and Nadis. Nadi symbolises the health and progeny. Health and progeny are the most essential component of married life and conjugal bliss.

It has been rightly said that if health is lost, everything is lost. This is due to this fact that Nadi has been allotted maximum 8 points or gunas that is ahead of all in Ashtakootas. Bhakoota indicates the nature of the prospective husband and wife, their likes and dislikes, their attraction towards each other which are essential for the two individuals of different family and different sex to stay together and have congenial relationship throughout the life.

This is due to these considerations that Bhakoota has been considered second most important component of the Ashtakoota and allotted 7 points or gunas.

Kundli Matching for Free

Nadi dosh in matchmaking Settles times at dates i would think what i love most about. There are three kinds of Nadi, Adya, Madhya and Antya. Sexy nadi nadi dosh in matchmaking trying decipher what the person is within 21 years, we are expecting him to late for work dosg you missed. Popular online dating apps based on my experience of over 20 years with problems with pursuing a woman interested in this stage. With scott weird mother figure nadi astrology match making free to him and think that you right questions when.

Nadi matching is considered very important for t 36 points of Kundali matching, it is consisted of 8 points. Naadi match is for physical compatibility between the boy and the girl for their happy married life and also for progeny matters.

Conclusion How is Kundali Matching done? It is through the birth chart; all the important aspects and traits of the individual can be known. Therefore, it is said that after marriage when the couple would stay with each other, the planetary positions and movements can exert influence and affect the life as well as the destiny of the partner. The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are: There are a total of 8 Gunas that are analyzed to check a partnership or compatibility.

Each guna holds different numeric points which add up to a total of A marriage is considered ideal when 18 or more points match. A total of 27 is considered most ideal. The higher the score, the higher is the compatibility.

Marriage Prediction

In Ashtkoot Milan Moon of both prospective bride and bridegroom is considered. None of the other 8 planets are considered for matching. There are 8 types of Gunas or Ashtkoot and some points are given to these Gunas which are as follows: Nadi Dosh is the 8th type of koot and 8 pts. There are three kinds of Nadi, Adya, Madhya and Antya. If Moon is placed in any of these constellations named Bharani, Pushya, Mrigashira, Poorvaphalguni, Chitra, Poorvashada, Dhanishtha, Anuradha, or Uttarabhadrapada in birth chart, the person is said to have Madhya Nadi.

While matchmaking horoscopes one of the koota analyzed as Nadi. Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen.

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Are You Manglik Online Manglik Calculator

The answer is love. This post will tell you how to match the horoscope perfectly. Love means emotions, feeling and attachment with each other.

Nadi Dosha is the most important factor for 36 points match. But 36 points match alone does not decide compatibility. An astrologer need to see mangal dosha / kuja dosham, shadashtaka and most importantly birth chart/ kundli of the one you want to marry.

Many persons search astrology sites to find out best marriage compatibility or love matching according to astrology and horoscope. Indian astrology has the unique and proven method for this. The horoscope matchmaking is the great method for finding best compatibility. However, there are many methods, rules and conjunctions to analysis the best love match and many other methods are available also like numerology compatibility , Chinese sign compatibility etc.

Analyzing horoscopes for compatibility is more logical other than other methods which called Kundli Milan or Tewa Milan in India. Matchmaking through zodiac sign and constellation for knowing Guna and Dosha called ashtakoot matchmaking or gun milan. Mostly, Indian astrologer check and calculate ashtakoot guna and Manglik dosha for the horoscope match, so that couple will not survive any misfortune.

One is through birth date horoscope, in this method using birth details, astrologer makes a birth chart and find out Lunar sign birth moon sign and constellation and examine other yoga and dosha like Manglik dosha. Another method is using names only, Manglik dosha cannot be determined through this. Look, what astrology says about this: Well, some compatibility like daily conduct between two persons should be checked through current names and childbirth or sensual compatibility should be examined by birth names.

So, both names have the impact on native and in our opinion compatibility should be checked with current names and alternately with birth names.

Why you should never marry a person of same Gotra & Nadi. Astro-Scientific reason explained.

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