Dual f1 and dual F1 Subwoofer

Apr 4, Pro Tools , Reader Question , Tips comments If you ever venture into the world of external mic preamps to compliment the ones built into your audio interface then you may be wondering what is the best way to hook it up. It is a common issue, but an important one to address. Subtle but much more rich. One question…If you need more level into ProTools, do you increase the ART preamp output or the audio interface input? Set this to Line. Proper Gain Staging Now that you have your preamp hooked up to your interface, the last thing we need to look at is your gain staging and signal flow.

How to setup active crossover in 3

As you turn the controls you will notice that these units are extremely well built. All the inputs and outputs are balanced XLRs that are screwed directly to the chassis. All dbx crossovers feature Linkwitz-Riley 24dB per octave filters, the professional standard. But then again, what did you expect? Then you also set, on the back panel, whether or not you want to mono sum the LF subwoofer out.

Most systems that use a subwoofer are mono subbed to take advantage of amplifier power and because low frequencies are non-directional.

The dbx xs is a dual channel crossover with all the features you would expect from a professional product. It features Linkwitz-Riley 24dB per octave filters, independent output gain controls for level matching, output phase inversion, 40 Hz low cut filter, and optional mono summing of the low frequency (subwoofer) output.

The term encompasses controllers, laptops, microphones, stage lights, dollies, and much more. One of the most important set of components for any mobile DJ is to have a good pair of loudspeakers. A mobile DJ will typically be an all-inclusive package so a sound system is definitely needed and it is important to understand what to look for in a sound system.

Active Speakers The first concept to understand is that not all speakers are the same. Mobile DJs in particular could be doing events with less than people to over people and it is important to understand how sound is processed by loud speakers in order to accommodate the audience size. While there are major differences between passive and active speakers there are a few things to understand first.

Watts and Speakers DJs have probably heard the term watts from their electric company before because watts are a simple way to measure power. The power of a speaker is what pushes the volume of an audio signal. That can be determined through frequency responses and other audio statistics. This is an important concept to understand because as a mobile DJ it is easy to say that a watt speakers is better than a watt speaker when in reality it is not that simple.

Most advertise pusing a lot of watts and for the price that sounds amazing, right? The peak power is what the system can handle when it comes to spikes in audio but is not the recommended power for a continuous stream of audio. The number to find on the box is RMS which is a rating for a measure of continuous power.

How to Use My DBX

In practical use, compressors provide dynamic control of volume levels by increasing softer sounds and limiting peak levels of louder sounds. Gating helps reduce source background and audio system noise when sound is not present. DBX inputs are connected to sound source outputs including musical instruments, sound mixers and music players.

Aug 06,  · Rear – dbx XL (2), dbx XL every cable in the unit as you try to figure out what is connected to where two years after it was initially wired up. Put a copy in a manilla envelope – and staple it to the wood somewhere inside the rack! i looked everywhere terrestrial and cyberspace for a hook that was like i wanted. thing is, ive.

For me, that means: Always install cable guides on both sides of the rack. Always install AC power power to the side of the rack Be diligent about using appropriate cable management velco wraps, zip ties, etc. Have the discipline and patience to use the right length cable for everything in the rack note that right length cable isn’t determined by what you have handy. Take the time to label cable ends so that if you have to pull ’em out – you can easily tell where it needs to go back to without having to “chase” the cable through secured cable bundles.

Document the finished product!

Sonic Midi

Data Sheets When the pros need an EQ, they turn to dbx. With a proven track record that spans four decades, dbx EQs are the industry standard for touring, studios, and audio installations. With the dbx heritage of revered pro EQs, the s meets the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls. From its extended 10Hz to 50kHz frequency response and dB dynamic range to the quality componentry and meticulous attention to detail, the s offers exceptional sound and rugged reliability that guarantees you will always sound your best.

Sure to find a home in the studio, on tour and with installed sound venues, the dbx s is destined to take its rightful place in the lineage of great dbx signal processors that are the professional’s choice in signal processing.

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Electricity is its life blood, and you need to feed it right…why don’t you check around with some local production companies to see what they use, and if you can rent the same. I agree with this. Richard this is especially true with the bass heavy styles of music you are doing. Voltage drops and brownouts are not good at all for most of your gear, especially most digital devices.

I often do outside festivals with generator power with great success and no issues whatsoever. The key is just like with sound reinforcement, “Bring enough rig for the gig. I have never had a single issue and I have done or more shows with a generator over the years, 14 just this year alone. I too want to buy my own generator but will not until I decide I can afford the 50kva quiet diesel unit I typically use. You have to consider not only power output but noise output as well.

Also you will need enough cable and spider boxes or a distro to locate the generator far enough away from the stage, even if it is quiet. You don’t want to be breathing in the exaust. I always run one cable and spider box from the generator to each side of the stage to power the amps and a third cable for stage power if there is a band playing for the backline. I actually prefer a generator over a tie in to house power because it has always been stable and clean.

Sound Systems for DJs

How do I hook up a mixer to the rest of the system? What jacks are best to use? How do I use graphic equalizers? What are compressors used for?

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Whether your room can accommodate these panels is the first thing to consider. As discussed in the OB7 file, a more optimal placement would probably be like this: What’s seen above to the right is well on accordance with Gilbert Briggs’ recommendation for the SFB – way back in the Fifties. No wonder professionals sometimes shake their heads hearing NFB triode nerds praising their trade.

Before getting into details, here’s the recipe: After numerous experiments with passive crossovers between bass and mid drivers, I gave it up. The 4th order electronic crossover makes a smooth transition between bass and mid and I suggest point of crossover at Hz, but take your time and try vocal recordings Hz and make your choice. Going higher draws vocals towards the floor and it starts sounding a bit funny. Some other time I’ll get the passive crossover in place.

I want it simple, but this ECN set-up works darn well. The current set-up makes a really big speaker and and it can play immensely loud with low distortion, so take care of your hearing! There’s an excellent live feeling to the presentation and I won’t hesitate to recommend the current system for main speakers in recording studios, built into the walls in front of the all the mixing gear.

With liter cabs to the Eminence drivers and a port tuning of Hz we will have response down to around 30 Hz. Those who do open baffle studies may wonder why a relatively low-Qt 0.

: dbx Stereo 2 Way, Mono 3 Way Crossover: Musical Instruments

Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power Originally Posted by redwolfie Hi, I understand that I need to read up on how to hook all these equipments for optimal performance however, I’m just looking for some baseline settings to work with. I’m sure the Alesis has some vocal oriented presets already but it might be cool thing to program each side with a completely different effect then experiment with different blends of all 3 on each channel ex: Look up how to properly set this in your mixer manual.

If you dont have a manual for any of the products you own most can be freely downloaded from each companies website and are probably the best place to start when seeking answers to most of what your questions. Also, manuals often have easy to read hook up diagrams that cover using them with other gear. Half the battle is just learning your equipment and the other half will be more a trial and error process on your part.

PASSIVE PA SET-UP. DBX DRIVE RACK PA + PLUS CONFIGURATION How to hook up & use Behringer HA Headphone Distribution Amplifier PodcastRyan Urlacher. 4 года назад. Guide To Mixing – Connecting equipmentSoundcraft Mixers. 9 лет назад. How to Setup active crossover dbx XL into your PA system.

Since Aug 23, Originally posted by submergency I think I’m going to be picking up four watt JBL 18″ subs for a good price, so I’m thinking of starting off with two of the X1 designs http: Then I was thinking of going for making two of the 18″ Super Scoops http: According to the site the X1 is great for DnB, but I just so love the look of those 18″ scoops. Would it be a waste of time to go for two of each, or should I just build four of the X1’s?

Also I’m trying to find an economical way to power around 4kW of speakers. I had intended on finding a cheapish amp that I could drive in bridged mono mode at around watts, then pairing each speaker with it’s own amp and just splitting the mixer output signal between them all. Anyones thoughts on all this, or will I just end up with a bunch of shitty sounding bass? If you can only afford to build 2 subs then go for the X1’s. These are fine for small PA’s.


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How to hook up DJ Equipment From Mixer to Crossover t

For pricing options and packages, contact us at Also, these outputs each have dbx xl manual reverse switches that will help get you out of a bind without having to reconfigure your system. Do you have subs now? Each channel has an input gain control for proper level setting. Originally posted by dboomer Hooking it up to dbx xl manual Login or Sign Up. Page 5 Before going any further, you xp take time to fill manuall your warranty registration card and inspect the contents of manula shipping carton.

Sep 16,  · Home › Forums › Digital DJ Gear › Help with passive setup at my church This topic contains 3 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by bob 3 years, 1 month ago. dbx XL Crossover dbx XL Compressor you may want to use compression in a church to limit the dynamic of the signal. When you hook up a line signal from a DJ.

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Basic Mixer And Other Common Audio System Connections

The IEM was designed with the simple purpose and vision of enhancing the sonic quality of all in-ear monitor applications, while providing the necessary audio level protection that artists and engineers require. The design team at dbx has achieved this vision by building a unit that offers effects including: Additionally, the IEM has been methodically designed with an intuitive user front panel which provides instant access to all of the effects within the unit at the push of a button.

Dbx /XL Operation Manual. • either the dbx model , XL, , or the XL crossover. (average) level to the /XL/XL. Slowly turn up the amplifiers’ outputs until you can hear signal at a comfortable volume. Make adjustments as you .

The Harman brand dbx has also included another half-dozen functions, of which at least a few will be of great value to DJs. When I reviewed the earlier generation of the DriveRack a couple of years ago, I wondered how many of the functions would actually be used by DJs, due to their relative complexity. So what else is in this box of goodies?

The AutoEQ function enables the DJ to both get a balanced sound and put on a show for the boss and customers. If you have an extra few minutes, you can select multiple locations for a wider sweet spot. When the mic is positioned, press the button for automatic EQ. The DJ is doing system calibration! Wear a white lab coat when you do this for full effect. Of course, the AutoEQ results will be dramatically different for a bar or club compared to a lawn party even with the same speakers—but that is an easy job of optimization in seconds for the DriveRack.

The PA2 offers numerous additional system-tuning and sonic optimization capabilities, including dbx compression, graphic and 8-band parametric EQ. The electronic crossover function includes time-alignment between the woofer and tweeter or horn and this is only needed once—unless you change your speaker component arrangement. A time-aligned speaker system enables audibly superior vocal clarity, truly letting you deliver the best sound possible from what you have.

Stage Left Audio – “Daisy” Chain of Amplifiers

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